Unable to edit hyperlink in Sitecore Content Hub mass edit RTE


Hi Champs,

Quick update: One of the open issues I recently logged (MONE-36553) with the Sitecore Team for Sitecore Content Hub is now resolved in release 4.2.31. Below are the steps to reproduce the issue if you are or older version than 4.2.31

  1. Go to Sitecore Content Hub.
  2. Navigate to the Assets page.
  3. Then select multiple assets and click on the Mass Edit option.
  4. The system will navigate to the Asset Mass Edit table page.
  5. Here if you have any of the RTE property then it won’t allow you to add hyperlinks.


Now this is resolved and if you upgrade to the 4.2.31 version then you won’t see this issue.



Happy Learning!!!!!

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