Capacity Management in Sitecore Managed Cloud

Hi Champs,

As out Sitecore Managed Cloud, series is going on. So I decided to get you guys a new informative blog for Capacity Management in Sitecore Managed Cloud and, without any due we will start this.

Following are some point which you as Customer or Partner needs to take care of in case of Capacity Management or Sizing in SMC.

  • Budget.
  • The size of your Content database
  • The size of your xDB database
  • Cache sizing
  • Your Search Engine implementation plan
  • Your disaster recovery plan
  • Your RPO and RTO in the event of an outage
  • Any Previous sizing references.

Role of Customer/Partner:

As a Customer or Partner, you can also share more and more analytics reports of your exiting application or forecast analysis of users and their behavior and application requirements with respect to infrastructure in Azure. As all this information will give the technical team a way to design a constructive way to implement your needs. 

You also need to specify special needs like if you want to integrate some services for log management(Sumo Logic), APMT(New Relic). because these can take extra storage, app services or databases.

Role of Sitecore Team:

Once you as Customer or Partner provides some prerequisite information from above at the time of availing this service, Sitecore Cloud Ops team will choose the tier accordingly and then give you vanilla instances of SMC. Once that is done then according to your Capacity plan which will be based on the rest of the remaining above point will be executed jointly as per roles and responsibilities decided.

Note: You always have to scale your capacities as all this is Azure PaaS based.

Happy Learning!!!!