How to Install Optimizely 12 on local

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Here is a new blog in Optimizely Series, this blog is about installing the Optimizely 12  on “.NET5.0”.

Follow the below steps.

Before you do the below steps, please check the system requirement here.

  1. Create a new folder like “C:\Alloy12”
  2. Go to command prompt and change the directory to– C:\Alloy121
  3. Now use “dotnet new -i EPiServer.Templates” command to install the Optimizely template for creating the Optimizely project.2
  4. Just cross-verify us “dotnet new –list” command to check if you have Optimizely packages in place.3
  5. Now use “dotnet tool install EPiServer.Net.Cli –global –add-source” command to install CLI. (In my case it is already installed)                       4
  6. Now use “dotnet new epi-alloy-mvc –name Alloy12” command to create Alloy Demo templates.5
  7. You are now ready to install the database. Assuming you have done all the above steps correctly you now can use “dotnet-episerver create-cms-database ProjectName.csproj -S .\SQLEXPRESS -U sa -P “password” “ command to create the database for this current instance. (Note you need to use credentials and project names as per your local)6
  8. Now Use “dotnet build “ command to build the project.7
  9. Now use “dotnet run” command to run the project.8
  10. After this you can see in the terminal a localhost url with the port where this instance is running in my case, it is as below with url “https://localhost:5000/”
  11. After creating the Admin user from the above panel you will be able to login into Optimizely.10

Hope this article will help you with your local Optimizely 12 setup with the AlloyDemo project.

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“Sitecore Vs Optimizely” 

Hi Champs,

I am back with my knowledge sharing after traveling from one part of the world to another with new learnings.

Today I would like to share some limited knowledge that I gained about the two of the strongest “.NET-based DXPs” in the market Sitecore and Optimizely.

This analysis is done from my individual experiences and I might be false for a few things but I tried to get the correct data as much as I can. let me know if you have any other thoughts on the below points.

  1. The complex modeling structure makes it challenging to work on core components of Sitecore. Whereas, Optimizely is straightforward .NET development.  
  1. When the system comes in complex form gives better power, so Sitecore is more powerful in case of functionalities like personalization over Optimizely.  
  1. Because the content model gets updated by Code moving between environments is easy in Optimizely, whereas Sitecore has complex content moving because of multiple databases involved.  
  1. Sitecore give more power to the Content administrators in case of creating “Content-type” and “templates” along with developers. Whereas, Optimizely only allows a developer for this activity.  
  1. Page/Content editor is way better and simple to use in Optimizely over Sitecore.  
  1. Sitecore is better over Optimizely when it comes to overall product experience from an enterprise-level point of view.  
  1. Both are still behind for full-fledged SaaS offerings like Adobe.  
  1. Upgrading Optimizely looks better and steps by step process because of very articulated documentation. Whereas Sitecore is behind here as it is complex and tricky.  
  1. Digital optimization features are superior in Sitecore over Optimizely.  
  1. Sitecore has more Global presence than Optimizely.  
  1. Sitecore also has a faster-growing community in case of knowledge sharing over Optimizely.  
  1. Optimizely has more solution partners over Sitecore.  
  1. Optimizely also has an edge as it can target small, mid, enterprise customers over Sitecore as they are more big fish customers centric.  
  1. Overall, both are similar. The customer and the implementation team will be the decision-maker in choosing which one is better for them. Bothe will solve the common problems and will provide basic features. 
  1. Sitecore CDP (Boxever) is strong enough and well-integrated with different Sitecore offerings which make the CDP and personalization experience superior at the same time Optimizely has a similar offering where they work on the same features the only difference is Optimizely ODP (Zaius) is part of the product whereas Sitecore CDP comes as a different product. 
Credit to: Optimizely and Sitecore

16. Optimizely’s B2C commerce is more powerful and has ease of implementation over Sitecore Commerce. (For development and as well as for ease of use.) 

Let me know if you want more details on any of the platforms from a dev point of view which will give me encouragement to write more. Also do let me know if you have any other thoughts on the above points.

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