Sitecore NFR Module

Hi Champs, 

Today I am going to introduce to you to my new Module for Non-Functional Requirement, this module will help Stakeholders/Marketers to check below different things and get high-level reports for the same.

1.     Page Speed Test— This test will help for testing Page speed.

2.     Load Test— This test will help for testing Load on site.

3.     SSL Test— This test will help for testing all SSL and Cipher used and compatible.

4.     Browser Test— This test will help for testing browser compatibility.

5.     SEO Test— This test will help for testing SEO parameters on the site.

6.     Digital Test— This test will help for testing Digital parameters.

One thing I want to mention hear all the freeware tools are used, so you might get some discrepancies in results. But this will be helpful for business Stakeholders/Marketers.

Now we will jump in the module. Below are the steps to use this module.

1.     Download module from the below link.

I have updated right file to above one till the time you may find right module on below link.

2.     Once you download and install this module you will get below the page to render in respective Sitecore implementation. (note you can change name of the page)


3.     Note this page has to be available in the CD role of your Sitecore implementation.

4.     So I will suggest applying for a security role on this page so it will be available to an only targeted audience.

5.     Coming back to the concept once you get above URL running you will get below

No alt text provided for this image

6.     From here stakeholders/Marketers can check and get reports on a high level.

Note: This Module is targeted to Marketers and Stakeholders because I found these people wants high level reports to check all above parameters.

Thank you Sitecore Marketplace Team again for accepting this. There more to come so stay tuned and check for my new Modules coming in future.

Happy sharing!!!!!