Sitecore Fake SMTP Server Module

Hi Champs,

Today I am going to introduce a Sitecore Module especially to developers who can use this to capture Emails from their Sitecore implementation in Sitecore Tab itself for their Local machine.

So not losing more time I like to give a small pathway to use this module, which is as below.


  1. You need to download the module from the below link.
  2. Install this module to your dev local machine environment.
  3. After installation, you will find one new folder created in your website folder as below.                                                                                        wwwroot\<your website folder>\FakeSmtp\website\
  4. You need to create a simple website for this by following below simple steps.
    • Create a new website in IIS with the name “fakesmtp”.
    • Point this website to the new folder created above.        fake(wwwroot\<your website folder>\FakeSmtp\website\)
    • Create a new binding for this website with “sitecore.fake.smtp” as below.bin
    • And the last step is to add new host entry for this like below.         sitecore.fake.smtp

How to use this module from Sitecore:

  1. After installing this module you need to login to Sitecore.
  2. Then you need to go to Developer Menu.
  3. In the developer’s menu, you will find the new tab called “Fake SMTP”
  4. This tab has a button called “Start Fake SMTP” click the button.


  1. Now, this will open new tab which will have different menu but initial page has some instruction implementing the code in your Sitecore .NET project to get these email capture in this module.


  1. I believe everyone most of the time uses the library (System.Net.Mail.SmtpClient) which is mentioned in instruction page.
  2. If yes then you can directly get to Messages tab where you can see next email captured when it gets triggered.
  3. If no then you just need to add/update few lines of code to get this working

Note:  Right now model doesn’t have close button which will come in next release.

Please leave comments/query/suggestions.

Happy innovating Sitecore.