Configuring Related Assets in Sitecore Content Hub


Hi Champs,

It’s been almost a year since I shared something, sorry for that as I was busy with personal things happening.

But now I have decided to share the knowledge back to the community with an innovative mini blog series for Sitecore Content Hub.

The series will have topics like Authentication, Related Assets, Asset Orientation, Notifications flow with Email, Archival flow, etc.

In this blog, we will deep dive into Related Assets from the End user’s point of view where most Content Editors and Administrators want to see the Assets which are Related to each other by some parameters. In our case, we took Location as a parameter and performed this activity.

Here are the detailed steps:

  1. Create a taxonomy Location and add items to it, eg. Pune, Mumbai, etc.
  2. Navigate to Manage > Schema > Asset, and create a taxonomy member to link M.Asset to R.Location (M.Asset is the Child of R.Location).
  3. Create a new group something like “Related Assets Details”.
  4. Add a new taxonomy member to this group and name it something like “RelativeLocation” While creating this on the Advanced tab, make sure Nested is set as true. Save and apply the changes to the Asset definition.
  5. Navigate to Manage > Pages > Asset mass edit table page, and make sure that you add one more column to MassEditTable component to accommodate RelativeLocation member for Asset.
  6. Now Navigate to Manage > Pages > Asset details page, and create a Search component change the setting to show it as a Panel with the title. Use the following filters inside the component:
      • System: Asset (M.Asset)
      • Fixed: Relation (Role: Parent) – RelativeLocation
  1. In the Output Tab of the search, the component set the fields as below.


  1. Once you create all of this go to the Assets page and select multiple Assets and Edit in Table where you could add the relative locations as below.


  1. Go to the Asset details page of an asset. You should see all assets belonging to the same location displayed on the Asset details

related assets


  • You could create your own Taxonomy relations this is just an example.
  • The restriction is you can add only one filter to this at a time per search component.

To make it easier you can check the following video.

Keep learning champs!!!!!

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