How to Install Optimizely 12 on local

Hi Champs,

Here is a new blog in Optimizely Series, this blog is about installing the Optimizely 12  on “.NET5.0”.

Follow the below steps.

Before you do the below steps, please check the system requirement here.

  1. Create a new folder like “C:\Alloy12”
  2. Go to command prompt and change the directory to– C:\Alloy121
  3. Now use “dotnet new -i EPiServer.Templates” command to install the Optimizely template for creating the Optimizely project.2
  4. Just cross-verify us “dotnet new –list” command to check if you have Optimizely packages in place.3
  5. Now use “dotnet tool install EPiServer.Net.Cli –global –add-source” command to install CLI. (In my case it is already installed)                       4
  6. Now use “dotnet new epi-alloy-mvc –name Alloy12” command to create Alloy Demo templates.5
  7. You are now ready to install the database. Assuming you have done all the above steps correctly you now can use “dotnet-episerver create-cms-database ProjectName.csproj -S .\SQLEXPRESS -U sa -P “password” “ command to create the database for this current instance. (Note you need to use credentials and project names as per your local)6
  8. Now Use “dotnet build “ command to build the project.7
  9. Now use “dotnet run” command to run the project.8
  10. After this you can see in the terminal a localhost url with the port where this instance is running in my case, it is as below with url “https://localhost:5000/”
  11. After creating the Admin user from the above panel you will be able to login into Optimizely.10

Hope this article will help you with your local Optimizely 12 setup with the AlloyDemo project.

Happy Learning!!!!


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