Sitecore Module – Social Media Side Menu

Hi Champs,

Happy to announce that, my first Sitecore Module got released at Sitecore Marketplace.

Today I am going to share the details about the module which I have created please have a glance on below information which can help you for installing and using my Sitecore Module.

Pre-requisites to install this module:

  1. Download the Module from the below link.

  1. You Should be using Sitecore 8.0XP and higher.
  2. This Module is tested on Sitecore versions- 8.2,9.0,9.1,9.1.1.
  3. You should have a .NET framework
  4. You should have Glass-mapper “Glass.Mapper.Sc.Web.MVC” library(DLL) installed in the bin folder.
  5. Should have an idea of your Sitecore content tree, pages in the content tree and placeholders used for the same.

How to install this module:

  1. Download this module from Sitecore marketplace.
  2. Go to Sitecore.
  3. Open Package installation wizard.
  4. Upload and install this package.

How to configure this module:

  1. Once install this module go to Sitecore content tree.
  2. Select the page item where you want to add Social Media Menus for navigation.
  3. Go to Presentation tab from ribbon.
  4. Select the Details button and go to Final Layout of the opened wizard.1
  5.   Add new control. Once the wizard is opened Select “Social Side Menu Rendering” and add placeholder name to this which you used for page display in my case it is “content”, note in your case it would different.2
  6. Once this added you can go to controls option and select Social Media menu option by default you will get 5 Social Menus added.3
  7. Once saved this, you can see the preview.
  8. You can add as many menu items as you want.(Use—/Sitecore/content/Social Side Menu/Social Side Menus)
  9. We have the facility to restrict how many we want to display on the page.(Use—/Sitecore/content/Social Side Menu/Navigation Counter)
  10. And now you’re ready to publish the same.

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