PowerShell Script for Unicorn Backup in Sitecore

Hi Champs,

Today I have created the PowerShell Script to create the backup of your Unicorn serialized folder. This script you can integrate with your local on server deployment or Environment setup plan.


Note: This is a PowerShell script you need save this with .ps1 extension and then you can utilize this.


Add-Type -Assembly “System.IO.Compression.FileSystem”;
$sourceDir = “you have to mention your sourceDir”;
$targetDir = “you have to mention your targetDir”;
$date = (Get-Date -format “yyyyMMddTHHmmss”).ToString();

if (-Not (Test-Path $targetDir)) {
New-Item -Path $targetDir -ItemType directory

[System.IO.Compression.ZipFile]::CreateFromDirectory($sourceDir, “$targetDir$environmentName$date.zip”);


Please write your note or queries in comment.

Thanks for Browning!!!


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