All about Sitecore SXA Part-1

Hi Champs,

Here we go. I have done some basic analysis of Sitecore SXA and Sitecore Controller renderings , some SXA limitations, Upgrade path for Sitecore SXA 1.7 with Sitecore 9.0.2, creating new custom Sitecore SXA renderings.

Sitecore SXA Renderings vs Sitecore Controller base Renderings

SXA Rendering Sitecore Controller Rendering
  • Helix based OOTB components, ready to use themes and grid systems with extended Experience Editor (drag and drop).
  • Rendering variants to render same component in multiple ways.
  • Supports creating custom renderings by inheriting SXA StandardController or VariantsController class.
  • Sitecore renderings have to be built afresh based on the UX need.
  • Sitecore renderings are created by extending Sitecore controller features.
  • Sitecore renderings may / may not adapt to Helix principles.
  • Sitecore renderings have to be assembled separately for each page.


Sitecore SXA Limitations

  • SXA as a module is maturing version by version. For any issues in the module we need to depend on Sitecore to provide the fixes.
  • While upgrading of SXA version, there may be a need even to upgrade the current Sitecore version and vice versa.
  • Personalization doesn’t work for the components embedded within the SXA OOTB Tab component.

SXA 1.7 and Sitecore 9.0.2 Upgrade

Direct upgrade path is available from SXA 1.6 to 1.7. To upgrade to SXA 1.7 along with Sitecore 9.0.2 on a sandbox / development environment with 7 layouts and 40-50 components will approximately requires 3 months excluding testing and validation provided components customizations are done following guidelines of SXA 1.6

Creating Custom SXA Renderings

SXA supports customizing existing OOTB renderings and creating new custom rendering.

  • Customizing Existing SXA OOTB Renderings –

  • Creating Custom SXA Renderings with variants –

If you need any help, please leave comment.


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